Foldylock Compact and Strong Bike Lock Minimal Amount Of Space


Bike locks. They are all the same. Big and bulky contraptions meant for keeping your bike safe can sometimes be a real pain to carry around. Yeah, you can just wrap them around your bicycle when not used, but then they can give your legs some trouble while pedaling. On the other side of the line, we have the Foldylock Compact, a small folding lock that takes a small amount of space but gives the same level of security as standard bike locks.

The name comes from the fact the lock stays folded when not in use. You can attach it to your bike, and it won’t take lots of space nor will it interfere with pedaling. It will just stay tucked on the bike frame ready to be used.

While it looks like some toy not suited for keeping your bike safe, the Foldylock Compact actually is pretty rugged and durable. It is made out of six links made out of hardened steel and coated with a reinforced-military graded-UV treated polymer. That means it will keep your bike’s paint job intact and will be resistant to elements.

The frame is drill resistant, and it can take lots of beating before giving up. No, really, if someone steals your bike while being secured with the Foldylock Compact that person probably considers your bike to be the best damn bike in the world.

The Foldylock Compact can be ordered on IndieGoGo for $85, and it should ship within a week after the order.

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$85 USD

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