Footloose – Cat Owners Ultimate Dream Has Been Reshaped on Kickstarter


Some projects on Kickstarter are intended to blow your mind. Equally, they blow the mind of millions of backers, as a result, the project gets funded in a couple of milliseconds. Footloose is probably one of those weirdest things that we’ve seen on Kickstarter.

For those who own a cat, this project is too good to be true. Footloose is an automatic smart disposal system that not only makes dealing with cat waste less hustle but also monitors and controls the health of your pets. The patent-pending mechanism recognizes the movement, can detect several cats inside it and makes the self-cleaning of the pot room automatic.

To make all of these innovations to life the company uses OmniClean technology. This simply means that the device uses moving torque which rotates and cleans the mess with cat litters. Big parts are automatically filtered out to a separate box with waste while the litters are filtered out for the next use. When the waste box is full, you just need to empty it.

Byron Fan, the founder of Footloose manufacturer Petato, has spent a number of years working on a drone company called DJI before developing the gadget. He became passionate about developing the device to help cat owners to identify their health problems beforehand after owning six cats in his life. According to him, the device will be improved further because of the feedback received by Kickstarter users. He mentions that there are cats which have difficulty urinating and need human hand help. While this is not uncommon for older cats to have urination problems, the product does not support this yet. The company will further improve its product in next versions.

In case you are wondering, this is not the first device that intends to make cat owners life easier. There is a similar device by Litter Robot. It works just the same way as Footloose. The device collects cat disposal and cleans the litter after each usage. Just like the newer gadget we’ve seen on Kickstarter, it rotates to get rid of the waste and stores it in the efficient, clean container. The device looks the same and does the same thing despite some minor differences. The big difference is that the Litter Robot is not smart. It does not have Fitbit related capabilities that track poop. Also, the price of this automatic litterbox robot seems to be a little more expensive than the Footloose. Litter Robot is available for $450 on

In today’s strange world, it seems like if you make the ordinary things a little smart, you attract the buyers like a magnet. If you want something cheaper and don’t want to wait for a smart gadget to arrive next year, consider PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box and CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box. If you don’t know which automatic litter box to choose from, read the expert advice here.

If you decide to back the project now, the prices start at $229 for the early bird options which might not be available now as the project is gaining funds on the speed of the light. The normal price you pay is $349 and you have to wait until June 2019 next year. Just beware of potential dangers of crowdfunding and be smart.

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