FPM Joins Forces With Marc Sadler In Creating Unique Bank Workstation And Bank Bedstation For Digital Nomads


If your work is computer-related, you can do it from any point in the world, all you need are a laptop and an internet connection. Digital nomads are on the rise, especially during the last decade, when most of the world became digitally connected. Today, there are more and more freelancers and for them, the whole Earth is their office. This freedom brings many advantages but comes with a few downsides. For instance, you can’t just bring your work desk with you everywhere you go, and you have to settle for any kind of bed, as long as it’s in good enough shape to crash on it for a night or two. But, if you are one of those who doesn’t mind carrying more than a couple of big coffers with them on every trip, FPS has two really nice products for you, the Bank Workstation, and Bank Bedstation.

Instead of improvising and using virtually any desk you can find as your work desk, you can make the Bank Workstation a regular piece of your digital nomad’s travel bundle. The design borrows from a classic 40’s and 50’s look, with bright colors and round angles. The Bank Workstation is built from aluminum and is seriously tough.

While on the outside it looks like some suitcase Don Draper would carry with him, once you open it you get a fully-sized workstation. Open the cover and place the wooden board on top, playing the role of the main work area. The board can be easily pulled back and it perfectly fits inside the case but is big enough for a full-sized laptop.

Below the main area, you will find three storage compartments in which you can either place a couple of clothing pieces or use them explicitly as cabinets for different work-related items. Both the table and drawers are made from top-quality wood. The case features a set of wheels along with TSA lock and looks quite luxurious. And you also get a foldable chair made out of wood and leather that fits perfectly inside the case.

The second item is called the Bank Bedstation and it is exactly what its name suggests. It also looks like a luxurious suitcase but once you open it you’ll find a fold-out bed along with a pillow and a sleeping cover. The case is made out of aluminum and the bed along with additional pockets for extra items are made out of wood. The whole thing can be set-up in less than a minute, but it isn’t as practical as the Bank Workstation.

While both cases are excellent and would make every digital nomad cry tears of joy, they aren’t really affordable. The Bank Workstation can be bought for about $5,800 (workstation) and $8,100 (bedstation). While they both look exquisite, you can buy a travel trailer for the money and instead of a mobile work table and bed get a complete mobile home.

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$5,800 USD

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