Instead Of Filling Up Your Wallet, Merge All Your Cards Into One Fuze Card


Although we live in a world that slowly leans towards electronic money over the good old cash, our wallets aren’t thinner because of it. Most of us have lots of different credit, debit, and gift cards. At the end, our wallet ends up as thick and cumbersome as it would be if we carried lots of cash with us. This problem is really funny if you think about it. Modern age brought us internet banking, virtual money, the ability to use credit cards anywhere, but one the other hand there isn’t a way to merge all of our cards into one, making our life easier. Well, the Fuze card wants to change that, and by the look of it, it has a strong chance to manage that.

The Fuze card is a universal smart multi-card that can fuse all your cards into one. No matter if they are credit, debit, gift cards, or ID cards you use at your home or at work, the Fuze card can replace all of them. The smart multi-card platform can take up to 30 different cards and instead of managing dozens of them, you’ll have to worry about just one.

The Fuze card features a smart design that allows for a fast card switch. The card features an e-paper display that shows which card you currently use, and with its smart controls (with just a push of a button) you can toggle different cards. As soon as you change the card it will be clearly displayed on its e-paper display. Since e-paper is extremely power efficient, the card’s battery lasts for up to 30 days, and in the case you are on a trip and don’t really want to worry about recharging your smart card, there’s a portable power bank you get with every Fuze card that can charge the card on the go.

Also, Fuze card looks like a regular credit card. It is thin and measures the same. Further, although the first Fuze card design won’t feature EMV chip (the chip required for using ATMs and card readers) the final design will sport an EMV chip meaning that you will be able to use the card the same as a regular credit or debit card.

Fuze card isn’t just cool because it can replace your other forms of paying, it can give you lots of bonus features. For instance, there’s a handy mobile app that connects the card to your smartphone, enabling location tracking. So when you leave the card it will automatically notify you via your smartphone. In the case you get robbed, you can wipe all the data stored on the card directly from your smartphone, making sure that no one else can use the card. And with the mobile app, you can easily track your expenses, manage all the cards stored on the Fuze card, and basically manage all your finances directly on your mobile device. It’s like having a dozen of different card, bank, and store mobile app merged into one (like it’s the case with Fuze card).

The Fuze card is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for $89 (one card without EMV chip) or for $129 (with EMV chip) and you’ll get a card reader and one portable battery charger along with the card itself. The project passed its funding goal by more than thousand percent (the original goal was $50,000 but the project managed to raise more than $550,000).

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