Gami Is A Bag Which Can Be Used As A Daily Pack, A Travel Bag, Or A Huge Backpack


If you want a bag that can be used for anything, from a daily pack for carrying essentials, to a duffel bag for the gym, to a huge travel bag or backpack capable of storing a massive amount of gear and supplies you’re in luck. There’s one interesting Kickstarter project that aims to deliver one transforming bag fit for any activity. Meet Gami, a unique bag that will become your first choice no matter what kind of bag you need.

The idea behind the Gami was to offer users one bag capable of serving many different purposes. Instead of buying one for your daily needs, one for the gym, one for travel, and one for hiking and other adventures, designers behind the Gami wanted to make a universal bag that can save you lots of money and space. The Gami is like an origami – it can take many different shapes just by shifting a couple of its elements.

Its basic shape and size is a 30 liters daily pack. It can house all your essential stuff you use on a daily basis, and it is pretty comfortable to carry. While it looks like a duffel bag, it can be worn as a classic backpack; all you have to do is to attach the two shoulder straps provided in the package to hidden daisy chain, pack handles into the side sleeve and the Gami becomes a regular backpack.

When you want to pack lots of gear, for a hiking trip or some other outdoor adventure, or when you travel somewhere and plan to stay there longer than a couple of days, you have two additional sizes to choose from. Medium size features 45 liters of internal space. Just detach adjustment hooks placed on the top and the bottom side, and the bag is ready to take all your gear, supplies and clothing. If you need even more space, the bag can offer it. There are two side expansion zippers that, once unzipped, can give you 55 liters of internal space; enough for a proper backpacking adventure, or for a long holiday trip.

The Gami is one rugged bag. It is made out of waterproof materials, and its bottom is made from high durability materials so it cannot be easily damaged when used as a duffel bag. Inside of the bag, you can find light weight Poly 200D internal lining that’s soft to the touch and durable. The top cover can be rolled out of the bag, and you can put small items inside it. This way you get even more internal space. There are interior mesh side pockets to house clothing, books, a tablet, or some other medium sized item, and you can put large items like your laptop or large gear inside zippered side pockets. Overall, the Gami features pretty good internal organization, making it excellent both for daily and travel purposes.

The bag also features a luggage handle sleeve so it can be carried on top of a roller bag and the selling package includes three travel cubes for easy organization of your gear, clothing, and supplies for longer trips. The Gami is one excellent multi-purpose bag. It features a beautiful design, lots of exciting features and excellent expansion capability. You can pre-order one on Kickstarter for just $159, which is an unbelievable price for such an ingenious bag.

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$159 USD

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