Garmin Introduces Quatix 5 Marine Sports Watch


Garmin has announced the release of Quatix 5 Smart Watches designed for water sports. If you like one of these activities like canoeing, kayaking, and big sail and power boating, Quatix 5 is designed especially for you. Currently, the manufacturers offer the smartwatch in two versions: Quatix 5 and Quatix Saphire. They differ from each other by the design and colors.

As for the boating, the watch is probably the first to offer features like autopilot control, racing assistance and waypoint assistance. It helps captains to sail by telling them the stats like speed, depth, temperature and speed of the wind. It pairs with Garmin’s Fusion Link Lite app for StereoActive entertainment systems.

If you like fishing, Quatix 5 is capable of telling you the information about how much fish you’ve caught, proper length of line to put out and more. It can also track activities like swimming, rowing, and paddle boarding.

What makes Quatix 5 even more amazing is that it is a rugged sports watch which you can use offshore too. Equipped with stainless steel bezel, polymer case, and a protective glass, it can track calories, count steps and it can even measure your heart rate. It is waterproof up to 100 meters.

As if this wasn’t enough, Garmin has equipped the accessory with the ability to receive calls, text messages, emails and social media updates.

Not surprisingly, it costs $600 for the basic version and $850 for crystal sapphire version.

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$600 USD

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