Garmin Introduces Vivoactive 3, Vivosport and Vivomove HR and Garmin Payment Gateway


At IFA 2017, the largest tech show in Berlin, Garmin has revealed some new Vivo series of wearables right after the introduction of Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch.

Vivoactive 3, the successor of Vivoactive HR, has a new design including the change of a shape, from rectangular to round one. The overall appearance has changed from two buttons on the front to just one button on the side. You can wear the watch from any side in 180 degrees. The sides of the watch now have two swipe interface points which you can use with sweaty hands.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Activity tracking has been updated with GPS and heart sensors for constant monitoring during workouts. The smartwatch features pre-loaded workouts, structured workout support, VO2Max Estimation, fitness age estimates, stress monitoring and more. In terms of battery life, the device lasts for a full week or 13 hours with GPS on. You can listen to the music available on your phone, but the device itself does not store music.

Vivoactive 3 is powered with Garmin Pay interface which allows you to make online payments right from your watch. Powered by FitPay third party developer, the smartwatch allows you to make payments with MasterCard, Visa, and other credit cards.

Garmin Vivosport
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Vivomove HR is the most fashionable smartwatch among other novelties. It inherits the traditional Vivomove interface, adding a touchscreen. It can do everything like his brother Vivoactive 3, except there is no GPS module. However, it has more battery life compared to Vivoactive 3, up to five days with a full charge. The smartwatch is water resistant for basic swimming and showering. It also includes LiveTrack feature.
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All three smartwatches will be available soon. The Vivoactive 3 will cost $330, Vivosport comes at $200 and Vivomove HR starts from $200.
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