Gate Is A Capable, Camera Equipped Smart Lock For Keeping Your House Safe At All Times


Smart locks can keep your house safe and at the same time make you never carry keys again. They can be programmed to do all sorts of things. You can get them locked and unreachable during a period of time, they can let in persons carrying electronic keys and refuse to open to everyone else, and they can call cops if someone tries to break them. The Gate is another intelligent lock system that incorporates some extra tricks in its portfolio.

The Gate looks serious. The lock is huge and sturdy and is equipped with all kinds of features. There’s a keypad in case you want to protect your doors with an unbreakable password, and there’s a key lock if you still like to carry keys with you.

The lock is connected to the rest of the house via a Wi-Fi connection, and the Gate can send you smartphone notifications every time someone’s at the door. One cool bonus is the presence of a motion-activated camera on the lock meaning you don’t have to walk and see who’s waiting; just look at your phone and see who wants to enter. The camera features an intercom button along with a mic and a tiny speaker so the owner can talk to the person in front of the door.

The Lock also supports electronic keys so you and your family can get in the house automatically, without taking out keys or a smartphone in order to unlock doors. You can get the Gate on IndieGoGo for a special price of $330.


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$330 USD

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