Gerber Gear Has Started Accepting Orders for Updated Version of Covert Auto and Mini Covert Auto Pocket Knives


The Gerber Gear has started accepting orders for the updated series of Covert Auto and Mini Covert Auto pocket knives. Both knives inherit the design of the classic Applegate-Fairbairn Combat weapon. As you might remember, Gerber Gear has released both knives as a part of the automatic knives collection made exclusively in the US. Comparing to old models, the updated models of folding pocket knives will have slightly different design and they will lack the serrated sharpening at the bottom half of the blade.


Old Version of Gerber Gear Covert Auto and Covert Auto Mini

The blade of both knives is made using powdery corrosion-resistant steel of CPM S30V brand, which is known for high impact strength and good abrasion resistance. The hardness of steel is 58-60 HRC. The knives have thick minimalist handle made of an aluminum alloy with anodized coating.  Besides, the handle provides a hole for the lanyard and a removable steel clip.


Updated Gerber Gear Covert Auto

You can extract the blade by pressing the button that activates the automatic extraction mechanism. You can lock the blade by pressing the same button. The total length of the Gerber Covert Auto series is almost 221 mm, while the length of the open knife of the Mini Covert Auto series does not exceed 165 mm.

The sales of updated Gerber Covert Auto and Gerber Mini Covert Auto should start in the coming weeks. Some distributors have already set prices at $ 115-120. However, the recommended retail price does not exceed $170.

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$120 USD

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