Google Will Soon Be Able to Identify Restaurants That Could Give You Food Poisoning


It is a commonly known fact that Google has access to everything. Finally, there are some positives on trusting your data and privacy to Google. The tech giant has produced a model that would detect which restaurants are more likely to give you food poisoning before you go there. In collaboration with researchers from Harvard University, Google tested its machine-learning model that detects potentially unsafe restaurants in Chicago and Las Vegas. The machine matches user search queries such as stomach cramps, diarrhea and then cross-references them into your location history data.

The model was able to accurately predict the harmful restaurant in the preliminary tests. Health inspectors were sent to a number of restaurants: some identified by Google’s model and others identified by consumer complaints. The machine made accurate predictions and detected more unsafe restaurants compared to the traditional routine checkups model in both cities.

The researchers involved with this study got their idea from John Snow, a man who reportedly went from door to door in the 1800s to figure out where victims of a cholera outbreak were getting their water from. Soon, Google will be able to identify and predict various epidemic outbreaks using the search and location history data.

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