GOQi Wallets Have Lots Of Space For Every Form Of Currency, And The Can Charge Your Phone, Wirelessly


A while ago, one of the best smart gadgets was released in the form of Volterman smart wallet. The thing looks incredibly stylish and is packed with cool features among them being a built-in power bank packing enough juice to charge almost any smartphone out there fully. GOQi wallets we are showing you today don’t look as attractive as Volterman, but they come with a vast of internal space and improve the charging part with a built-in wireless charger.

GOQi wallets come in three different versions. The Active version looks the best, at least to us. There is also the Style (coming in black and pink color choices) and the Classic with a body made out of a faux alligator leather.

No matter which version you choose, your new wallet will be able to take cash (3 cash compartments), change (a zippered coin pocket), and all cards you may possibly carry (8 slots). It is spacious and great for travelers with different cash slots for various currencies, and for those who want a huge space for credit and business cards.

Aside from coming with lots of space, GOQi wallets all feature wireless charging. The built-in battery packs 4000mAh, enough to fully charge ninety percent of modern smartphones. You just put the phone on the top of the wallet and let it catches some breath while working, or having an afternoon coffee at your favorite place.

If you don’t own a smartphone, or want to juice up some other device, GOQi wallets come with a USB port so all you need is a cable and you’re set. The wallet itself can charge wirelessly (if you own a charging mat) or you can hook a cable to its micro USB port.

You can pre-order GOQi wallets for IndieGoGo for $147 (Style version) and $167 (Classic edition).

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$147 USD

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