Goron Tablet Cushion – A Creative Way to Relax With Your Tablet


Tablets are one of the greatest inventions, because they replace a book, a game console, a bulky laptop for surfing the net, and learning useful stuff. It’s really comfortable to work on a tablet lying in a couch or in a bad. However, you need to place your device somewhere – either on your chest or on some pillows. Even if there are all kinds of stands and tablet holders, Goron Tablet Cushion works best while lying in a bed. Your hands remain free while using the gadget, and you can lie in any comfortable position. It’s available in four colors and can hold devices with sizes of up to 250 x 195 x 20mm (9.8 x 7.7 x 0.8″). Although the price of an accessory is high, it’s fully justifiable for lazy people.

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$364 USD

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