Grovio – A Plant Assistant That Can End The Endless War Between Men And Houseplants


A lot of men are awful at taking care of a plant, and I’m saying that from a personal experience. Out of my male friends, just one loves plants and has lots of them in his flat. Others (including myself) are horrendous when it comes to taking care of houseplants. I once managed to make a cactus to wither out, and before that my friends gifted me various plants that all ended up inside my trash can. It’s not that I like having plants in my apartment (I love it actually) but the problem is that I can’t remember to water them, and when I do remember it is usually too late. This is when Grovio comes out, a smart assistant that will make your plants happy.

Grovio Your Personal Smart Plant Assistant

Grovio is a smart plant assistant that is capable of much more than just watering your houseplants. The assistant can also nurse them, check whether they are kept in suitable conditions, and more. Grovio checks to see if a plant gets enough sunlight if the air temperature is right, and whether the plant resides in a space with enough humidity.

Now, you have to fill Grovio with water every once and a while, but the device can water plants from its personal tank for up to 45 days, which is a lot even for the most absent-minded persons. And it gets better. Grovio is always on, always checking to see if the plant is enjoying its stay at your house and if something’s not suiting them, the device will let you know via the awesome mobile app.

Grovio Your Personal Smart Plant Assistant

Yes, you’ll get personalized notifications from your flowers! It gets even better! You can name all your plants so when a notification comes it will look like one of your flowers is messaging you, telling you to move it from direct sunlight or to refill the Grovio tank. You can interact with plants, see how they are doing, and one device can take care of up to 3 houseplants, no matter if one of them is a simple ficus the other aloe and the third one a tough and rugged cactus (which I managed to kill somehow).

Now, let us talk about the design. As you can see on pics, Grovio looks very modern, it is similar to the latest Mac Pro, with just a couple of features on its outside. It will fit perfectly into every room and will be practically invisible while doing its work. Each Rovio device can take up to 1600 ml of water and is powered by 4 AA batteries (included in the selling package). It can be equipped with up to three Grovio pot modules and will automatically connect to your wireless network.

Grovio - personal smart plant assistant

The Grovio App can communicate with one or more devices, so you can take care of dozens of plants with just one simple app. The user can adjust how often the device will water plants, or they can leave that for Grovio to decide. And the app works will all mobile AI assistants out there!

The Grovio can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter at the moment, and the project pledged more than 15 percent of its funding goal with more than 30 days to go. One Grovio device along with one Pot module can be bought for $99 and the shipping should start late 2017. You can also order one device along with three Pot modules for just $149.

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