Guest Posting Opportunities

If you are an owner of a small blog, you can write us for guest posting opportunities at You can link to maximum of two pages of your blog from the guest post. However, we have some terms and conditions that you must know.

  • Your article should be in good quality without grammar and spelling mistakes in English. It should be at least 500-words long. If the article is longer, it is better! We will be happy to put the long good quality article to our website from you!
  • The article should contain outbound links to authoritative sources (Wikipedia, .edu sites, .gov sites, etc..).
  • The article needs to be unique and not plagiarized or paraphrased. We will check this thoroughly!
  • Submit your guest posts about products and their reviews in following categories: technology, outdoor gear, tools, multi-tools, lifestyle, health and fitness, gifts, home, and office.
  • You may not write about alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, and arms.
  • Your website or blog shouldn’t contain the content of nudity, pornography, sex, and violence. We also don’t promote blogs which spread the violence and racism in some form
  • If you link to your property from a guest post, the linked article should also be at least 500-words and in a relevant topic, and it should be in good quality.
  • Your blog or property shouldn’t contain too much annoying popups and ads that deter users.
  • We don’t care about your DA or PA, but we will check how you are doing in search engines regarding penalties

Please complete the following form to request a guest post. On description field, write either the full title of the guest post and a brief description of what it’ll be about. If the content is already ready, you might submit that too.

If you are a manufacturer and want your product to be reviewed and listed in, you may write us at or leave your message in “contact us” form.

Keep in mind that, we don’t guarantee that your guest post will be published. We also don’t guarantee that we will reply you. That is why try to write something spectacular, that catches our attention. Do not bother us with spam.

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