Have A Cup Of Tasty Cold Brew Coffee In Just Five Minutes With The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System


Cold brew coffee is way better than a cup of regular, hot brewed beverage. Cold brew isn’t as acidic as regular coffee (it has up to seventy percent less acid than a cup of regularly brewed coffee), it tastes better and has smoother flavor, and it also offers more caffeine per cup than your good old hot brewed coffee. But there’s one major downside to it. If you want to drink a cup of mellow-flavored, acid-free, cold brew, you have to wait, a lot. Classic cold brew systems need about 12-24 hours to finish brewing. But the new Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is capable of churning out lots of cups of cold brew in just five minutes!

Yes, you read correctly, five minutes. That’s all it takes for the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System to make you a perfect cup of cold coffee. That’s 288 times faster than other systems, which does sound unbelievable but it is true. After all, the company behind the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is called StoreBound and is behind the best coffee table in the world, the Sobro, and the crazy good pancake printer called the PancakeBot.

The system uses ColdBoil technology to decrease the time needed for brewing coffee in cold water rapidly. It’s all about the pump found inside the system. It is capable of creating rapid water circulation, practically allowing the water to permeate the structure of coffee grounds and to extract the coffee oils. But instead of the process lasting for one whole day, here you have to wait just five minutes.

Just put 2 cups of grounds into the container, feel the carafe with cold water and let the magic happens. As soon as you turn the system on, the water starts circulating from the carafe to the container, swarming through the coffee grounds contained inside the upper and lower filters. It all happens very fast and soon after you have 50oz/1.5 liters of coffee ready to drink. That’s a couple of days’ worth of coffee in just five minutes, that’s way faster even than regular, hot brewing methods.

And if you want to make some concentrate and use it later, the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System can make enough concentrate for up to 16 servings in just 15 minutes. So, in just 20 minutes you can get enough cold brewed coffee to last you for more than a week. If that’s not efficient, nothing is.

Now you finally got a cold brew system capable of delivering coffee fast and efficient, while not costing a fortune. In fact, the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo market right now for just $59 (early bird special price).

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