HEAT-O is a Wearable Heating Device that Protects You From Cold


A group of talented designers and engineers in UK have teamed up to create a personal heating system under the trade name HEAT-O. The product is still under the development, and the team is going to launch the Kickstarter campaign soon, presumably in 9th of January. HEAT-O is an electric device powered by chargeable lithium ion batteries. You can wear it under any type of clothing, and be safe from cold.

HEAT-O Wearable Modular Heating System

If you don’t like freezing but you have to spend most of your time outdoors in winter, there are a number of options. You can invest in several layer of clothes made of natural wool, but they will make your movements bulky. But if you want to move flexibly with less layers of clothing, wearable heating devices like Heat-O will help you to solve the problem. HEAT-O stands out with its ease of usage, long battery life compared to other accessories and water resistance.

Basically, the device consists of a number of elements. They are the charger, the battery, the O-remote control band, and two or more heating pads set. Once the system is fully charged, it provides heat from 15C up to 40C. You can control the heating temperature using the HEAT-O control band, which can be connected and managed with your smartphone. It works with a Bluetooth module.

HEAT O Control

The product offers four models. Regardless of the model, the modular wearable heating device  is waterproof (IP68) and it is safe thanks to a safety circuit that protect user in case of any malfunction. HEAT-O core, keeps you warm in cold conditions and it suits for most people. There is a HEAT-O Dive, designed for diving enthusiast. Heat-O drive provides you warmth straight from the front of your vehicle. There is also a HEAT-O Lite fleece vest with six heating elements.  The battery is charged with fast charging docking station which include induction panel for remote controller or smartphone.


However, although the device is reported safe, do not use it, if you have problems with your health condition. Heating your body with devices like this is not advised in some serious medical illnesses. It is always safe consulting with your doctor before purchasing modular heating accessories.

You will be able to pre-order HEAT-O from Kickstarter, starting form 9th January. The full pricing information is not available yet. However, it is known that the price will be in the range of  £49 to £159 depending on the models chosen.

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