Huawei Watch 2 Classic Is Now Available For Purchase In The US


Huawei Watch 2 Classic Is a stylish version of the Huawei Watch 2, a smartwatch model that runs on Android Wear 2.0. The Watch 2 Classic is more sophisticated than the regular Watch 2, it features steel body and leather straps and two weeks after the Watch 2, the Huawei Watch 2 Classic is finally available for purchase in the US.

Many fans waited for the Classic version of the Watch 2 because it brings a dose of elegance to Huawei’s smartwatch model by keeping the same entrails. As the Watch 2, the Huawei Watch 2 Classic sports a 1.2-inch round AMOLED display with 390×390 resolution and a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor specifically made for devices sporting Android Wear platform.

The Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor is made for smartwatch devices. It features expanded connectivity options and is available in both connected and tethered version. The first one supports 4G/LTE and 3G networks while the latter supports tethered (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) devices that don’t support SIM cards. The processor features 4 ARM Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.2 GHz. Not really powerful, but more than enough for smartwatches.

The Android Wear 2.0 platform brings simpler navigation that won’t make you curse while navigating through tiny menus, customizable watchfaces, and more. The most important new feature is the support for installing and running apps from the Play Store directly on smartwatches, meaning that you can customize your smartwatch and install only those apps you desire. Other new features include a better Google Fit integration and a support for SIM cards meaning that you can make calls and send messages without your smartphone laying around.

Other specs found in the Huawei Watch 2 Classic include 768 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and an IP68 certification (dust a water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes). The watch can also measure your heart rate and it also offers workout data report.  Solid specs, but there’s more.

The original Watch 2 features LTE connectivity. This is dropped on the Watch 2 Classic, meaning that you won’t be able to use LTE networks, which is not critical when using a smartwatch. On the other side the Classic edition has a three-day battery life (the watch features a 420 mAh battery), a whole day more than the regular Watch 2.

And instead of the rubber straps and solid but not great body, the Huawei Watch 2 Classic offers leather straps to prevent sweat damage along with a stainless steel chassis. Also, leather straps are far more enjoyable to wear, and they give the watch a dose of classiness. You can’t take a rubber-straps watch to a business meeting, but you can still wear it while running.

The classic edition comes a couple of weeks after the regular one and is available to purchase for $369. That’s $69 more than the regular edition, but with this one, you can wear practically anywhere, and it offers a far better battery life than the regular one.


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$369 USD

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