Hushme is a Darth Vader Style of Speakers That Keep Your Conversations Private


The weird device named Hushme, which you see in the photo is not something from the category of funny toys. This unusual gadget is designed to make the lives of people around you a little more comfortable. Based on its name, you can easily guess that it minimizes the sound of your voice, and makes it not hearable for your surrounding audience. As a result, you can have as many private conversations as you want.


Hushme can be regarded as a wireless headset that allows you to communicate by phone or by voice chat, without irritating others. All you need to do is attach the headphones to your ears, put on the voice mask and start speaking. When you are speaking the Hushme will block your voice making it silent. There is a second option¬†built into the mask, which can play sounds while you’re talking. You can choose between the variety of sounds of nature.


The developers have decided not to stop and they provide the headset with several external speakers. Wait, – you will say – we are now talking about the silence inside the office? That’s right. But if you suddenly want to amuse friends, you can set up Hushme so that it transforms your voice into the sounds of the R2-D2 robot from Star Wars or Darth Vader’s heavy breathing.

The invention so far, exists only in the form of a prototype, and soon its creators are planning to launch a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for the project. The estimated cost of the headset is $ 200.

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$200 USD

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