IKEA Smart Home is Here. Company Launches the Smart Plugs for the UK and the US


Ikea releases the smart plug as a part of their Ikea Smart Home initiative. The smart plug is a regular household plug which could be accessed and controlled via mobile devices or a tablet. IKEA Tradfri smart plugs are offered for the price of $9.99 in the US and the UK.

However, the new devices are not yet HomeKit compatible as of right now, but we believe that soon it should change. IKEA is not the first company to develop the smart plugs, but the company’s product stands out with an affordable price. Similar device WEMO Mini Smart Plug from Belkin costs around $30. As of right now, Belkin smart plug has more features and can be connected to Amazon Echo.

The IKEA smart plugs are helpful for turning things on and off remotely from your mobile app or scheduling the power distribution based on times you will be spending at home. The plug currently controls only electricity, so if you want to control the light’s configurations by mobile app, you will need to buy IKEA’s smart light bulbs separately.

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