On Introduces Cloudventure Running Shoes for Rough Terrain


This season, the Swiss brand On introduced Cloudventure running shoes for rough terrain and mountains. The On brand specializes in producing various athletic shoes since 2010. The company  pays huge attention to quality, producing shoes in shock-absorbing On CloudTec technology. The Cloudventure running shoes are designed to be lightweight durable shoes for running on trails.

Currently, the Cloudventure includes three models: base Cloudventure, Cloudventure Waterproof, and a model with increased top support Cloudventure Midtop.

The basic version of Cloudventure sneakers have an increased level of ventilation. Made of lightweight perforated nylon, the shoes provide extra comfort and durability while running. In order to soften the impact in mountain conditions, the shoes have been complemented by polyurethane reinforcement plates and mesh backing material.

Cloudvenutre Waterproof model, on the other hand, is made with more dense nylon material with water-repellent membrane. Cloudventure Midtop features a higher shaft, which supports your upper part of the feet better. In this model, the perforated nylon is replaced with a rip-stop armoring.

All three models have an identical outsole. Namely, they use standard On CloudTec technology. As it is common with almost all On running sneakers, the sole is made of TPU foam and polyurethane with different densities. Unlike conventional running shoes,  On cloudventure model stands out with more durable and and wear-resistant tread with the addition of anti-skid spikes. The difference in height between the heel and toe makes up only 6 mm.

On Cloudventure is available for order in manufacturer’s website or in retail stores like amazon.

such as through the manufacturer’s website and through authorized distributors, including amazon. The cost of running shoes Cloudventure, Cloudventure Waterproof and Cloudventure Midtop is about $150, $170 and $ 160, respectively.

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$150 USD

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