With iTableview Camera Car You can Control any Camera Remotely


Camera-equipped drones are great for photographers and video artists. With drones, video artists from around the world received a relatively cheap way to produce amazing photos and videos. Today, even amateur photos and videos can contain incredible vistas taken from the air. But drones are not very suitable for automatic recording on a ground level, or for time-lapse photography. With the iTableview Camera, Car artists can now have an excellent device made for remote controlled recording on ground level.

The iTableview Camera Car is a powerful little device. You can use any kind of camera with it; no matter if you own a smartphone, amateur camera, an action camera like the GoPro, or professional DSLP equipment, the iTableview Camera Car can handle them all. The device comes with both 1/4” and 3/8” holes for mounting camera equipment, allowing you to set up any camera quick and with ease.

The real value of the iTableview Camera Car comes from remote controls. You can control the gadget either with a remote controller, or your smartphone via the companion app. You can’t have both though, they aren’t compatible. The smartphone version is compatible with Android and iOS, sorry Windows Mobile fans, if there are any left.

After you’ve attached the camera and got your hands on controls, the iTableview Camera Car becomes a small, but agile little camera carriage, capable of perfectly responding to commands, featuring adjustable speed, pre-recorded routes, as well as autorun option. You can rotate the camera and control its height. The tiny remote-controlled vehicle is compatible with camera slider and if you need extra stability an optional gimbal is also available in the package.

You can do whatever you want with the iTableview Camera Car. It is capable of recording time-lapse photos, can be used for making amazing videos of your pets, you can even use it as a security camera. Of course, there are many other potential uses for the thingy, but we let you find them.

The designers of the iTableview Camera Car, TTRobotix with the headquarters in Lake Forest, California, already made a couple of interesting drones. Their undersea drone called SeaWolf is a capable remote-controlled underwater drone capable of recording underwater videos and photos, and the Ghost+ flying drone.

The iTableview Camera Car can be bought for $149 (2.4 GHz version coming with a remote controller) and $229 (the smartphone-controlled version) on the IndieGoGo market. The project has guaranteed shipping (meaning it was successfully funded and is ready for shipping), meaning you will get your money back if it doesn’t ship on time. You can get the iTableview Camera Car on Amazon (just click on the Buy Now button below) but the price is higher ($299 for the smartphone version) and the 2.4 GHz version is unavailable.

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$149 USD

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