Kefirko Cheese Maker – Making Cheese Was Never This Easy


Everyone loves cheese, except for people suffering from lactic acidosis. There are literally thousands of types of cheese and every single one features a signature taste, texture, thickness, and color. You can buy cheese everywhere, but you can also make it on your own. The problem when deciding that you want to make your own cheese is that the process takes a long time, it asks for a lot of knowledge, and can be pretty complex. Sure, there are guides and tutorials online able to teach you how to make cheese, but most of us don’t have the knowledge or the time needed to make our own cheese. Well, with Kefirko cheese maker everyone can now make cheese in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Kefirko Cheese Maker

Kefirko cheese maker is a simple tool for making homemade cheese that does everything for you, except eating the cheese. The main purpose of Kefirko is to help you make a homemade kefir cheese rich with probiotics that are able to give your metabolism and your gut flora a much-needed refill and to keep you healthy and filled with energy. All you have to do is to pour kefir, strain it, flavor it with various flavors, let Kefirko works its magic, and then you can eat a cheese made in your own home!

The product is very simple. It is made out of four parts – the lid, mesh basket, a ring and a glass jar that keeps the healthy whey left after making cheese. If you want to have a thick kefir perfect for dips, leave it in Kefirko for just a few hours. Leaving it overnight will get you a creamy cheese perfect for healthy sandwiches and after a day or two, you’ll get a semi-hard cheese that can be consumed on its own, or combined with other ingredients if you want to make some tasty dish. Your cheese can be flavored with fruits, spices, herbs (like spinach), nuts, or something different, like pancetta (why not, it tastes like heaven after all!).

Kefirko Cheese Maker

Of course, you aren’t confined to making just kefir cheese. With various rennets and additives, you can make other cheese types like mozzarella, sweet cheese, or others. If you don’t have a clue how to make other cheeses, don’t worry. With each Kefirko you’ll get a nice recipe book that will teach you how to make other cheeses as well as how to prepare lots of cheese meals.

And that’s not all since Kefirko is a powerful little kitchen helper. With it, you can make coffee (both regular and ice coffee), homemade ice tea, soy and almond milk and more. Just be creative!

Kefirko Cheese Maker

At the moment Kefirko passed its Kickstarter funding goal and is reaching a $70,000 mark, meaning that if you pre-order one you’ll get a pressing spring ($25,000 stretch goal) as well as a second fermentation lid ($40,000 stretch goal). The cute homemade cheese maker is available in our colors: Blissful Blue, Gorgeous Gold, Grassy Green, and Playful Pink. You can have one for just $25 so if you are cheese aficionado, go to Kickstarter and get one!

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