Key2Wallet – Hold Keys Like a Pro


Key2Wallet is a product of Turkish startup named Euclid Design Studio. They have recently introduced their project on and it has been successfully funded in less than one month. The idea behind the Key2Wallet is very simple. The accessory is trying to reinvent how you wear your keys with you.

Keychains and carabiners have been a very good accessory for a long time. However, according to the manufacturers, they are not fashionable and stylish enough for a modern man. Besides, they produce tingling sounds when you are running.

Key2Wallet holds your keys in a fashionable way. There are hook buttons which stick to your keys and once they are on the back your keys, you can stitch them to the back of an accessory. The hook and loop fasteners are strong enough not to let your keys to drop when you are running or driving.


What is exciting about Key2Wallet is that it has been made with high-quality leather and medical grade materials. Namely, it uses soft, semi-aniline, natural cow Nappa leather, which ages over time into a vintage article. The company does not disclose what kind of material is used in hook and loop mechanism. However, we believe that it is as strong as it says.

You can choose the Key2Wallet keyholder between various styles and colors. The shipments are expected at the end of April 2017.

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$50 USD

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