Knops – A Simple Solution for Urban Noise


We live in a noise-polluted environment. Urban noise can raise our stress level and even cause some physical diseases, not to talk about the damage it causes to our ears. Living in a noisy environment can slowly deteriorate our hearing, leading to hearing disorders appearing earlier than expected. Instead of keeping our hearing intact, modern life can really ravage our ears. But there’s a solution, and it’s simpler than you thought. With Knops, you can adjust the volume of your life.

Knops is an acoustic hearing solution in the form of analog earplugs looking like a pair of oversized earphones. You put them on, and then adjust the volume of sounds in your environment. You can finally turn down the volume of urban city noise, relax while on a loud concert by turning down the sound for a while, or completely remove the noise from your neighbors, who are organizing the third party in one week. Sounds too good to be true? Well, Knops works, and it works amazing.

With Knops, you can control real-world audio so you can turn down unpleasant sounds, turn off sounds you really don’t want to hear (like a cry of a baby while on a plane) and keep sounds you want to hear. Knops feature four steps, and each step is used for different kind of sounds.

With step 1, you hear sounds without any distortions; it’s like wearing nothing on your ears. Step 2 reduces the volume high enough to filter the urban noise present in most cities. With step 3 you can turn down the volume of a live concert so it can’t hurt your ears, and with step 4 you will get a complete isolation from environment sounds. Step 4 is perfect for times you want to concentrate on your work, or when you can’t sleep because streets bellow your apartment are filled with party people who think singing at 4 am is a great idea.

With these four steps, you can adjust the volume on the go, no matter where you are. For instance, you can use step 4 while sleeping, turn the volume up to step 1 when drinking your morning coffee, switch to step 2 while traveling to work, and then switch back to step 4 so you can concentrate while in office. Simple, and effective.

As we already mentioned, Knops look like a pair of overgrown earphones. You wear them like a normal pair of earphones – they fit into your ear canal, and from then on you can adjust the volume with a simple twist of the knob. The inside is shaped like a gramophone cone so that Knops can offer you sound without any distortions. And the best thing about Knops is the fact they work without any electricity, they are completely mechanic, acoustically engineered to provide the best sound quality possible.

Knops are available in a variety of coloring choices, and they can be yours for just $69 on IndieGoGo. The project was successfully funded, so you don’t have to worry about a potential cancellation of your order. If you pre-order a pair of Knops will ship to you by November 2017.

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