Kogalla Solar Storage Bank – Solar Power Integrated with Storage Bank


Kogalla LLC, a manufacturer of various outdoor equipment, has started the crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo.com. It has introduced solar panel array with integrated power storage bank. The campaign has already reached it’s goal and early bird options are not available. Kogalla Solar Storage Bank features ultra slim lightweight power bank with fold-able solar power in rugged, waterproof fabric.

Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

Taking a closer look to the device, we can notice that it reminds a conventional solar panel such as GoalZero. It produces 22 W of solar power when you charge your device in full sunlight. However, what makes it different from GoalZero and other solar panels is that, it has an integrated 10,000 mAh battery which stores the solar power energy and makes the power available for you if you want to charge your smartphone at night. Besides, the solar panels are integrated with automatic SSB unit which has the ability to start charging the device, when the sun returns from the clouds. Needless to say,  the unit can also be charged like a standard storage bank via its micro-USB port, using the AC power outlet.

Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

The device is easy to carry as it folds down to a size of a small book. You can carry it anywhere, as it weighs only 28 ounces(793 grams). It has dual USB-A power ports that can charge your phone in 3-4 hours up to four times when the storage bank is fully charged. If you want to know if the device is charging itself, there is a red solar LED light which flashes and stays on. The four blue LED lights indicate the battery’s charge status.

Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

It comes with USB light, micro-USB cable and a lightening cable. Additionally, the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank is sealed in plastic waterproof case.

You can preorder the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank from indiegogo.com for $240. The expected shipping date is on January 2016.

$240 USD

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