KRUVE Sifter Filters Your Coffee for the Best Grind Size


There are lots of gadgets and devices that help you to produce a perfect cup of coffee. However, even with all needed equipment and tools, sometimes, we fail to deliver the best coffee sold in exclusive restaurants. Maybe, the answer to a perfect coffee lies not in grinder but also in grind size? Developers of Kruve Sifter have asked the same question, and they produced a device which ensures the grind size is perfect.

Primarily, grinders always produce some percentage of boulders (particulates that are bigger than your desired grind setting) and fines (particulates that are smaller).Kruve sifter filters all boulders and fines, ensuring the perfect size is achieved at micron-level.

The device uses 12 interchangeable sieves and two tiers. You can buy different sieves for various grind sizes. Besides, the company is planning to develop a specialized vocabulary to help you find out the perfect coffee size.

The KRUVE sifter is available on their website for $120. Also, you can learn more about it and different brewing methods and techniques by visiting

$130 USD

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