Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection Is A Work Of Art In The Form Of Top Quality Knife Set


Knives are important. Knives are very important, especially if you like cooking. Every wannabe chef knows that having a sharp a durable knife set is as important as knowing how to make a perfect soufflé. And finding a perfect knife set is as hard as making a perfect soufflé. You have to try different knives, wait a bit to see whether they will stay sharp a year after you got them, see them in action, and take them in your hand to see are they comfy to hold. Because a knife can be the best in the world but if it isn’t comfortable to hold than all of its qualities become useless. With the Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection, you will get a top-of-the-line knife collection that looks like it’s made out of obsidian.

Well, the knives from the Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection aren’t made out of obsidian. Instead, the folks at Edge of Belgravia used premium grade Japanese AUS-10 steel. The material is characterized by “a hardness range of 58-60 HRC, high toughness, supreme sharpness and good corrosion resistance.” In other words, the Japanese AUS-10 steel is the ideal candidate for the best possible Chef knives. This multi-layered steel is a modern product, but it originates from Japanese samurai and Damascene sword making, so you can rest assured that these knives can cut through anything.

Each blade is made out of 67 layers of premium quality AUS-10 Japanese steel, giving it unmatched toughness. Further, each blade was worked on by skilled artisan workers who gave all blades a unique dark floral pattern that makes each knife from the Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection an inimitable work of art. But, these works of art can chop down a tree if needed so you won’t see them in some art collection. Instead, their place is in the kitchen, and with these knives, you can make work of arts of your own, just watch while chopping because each and every knife from the collection probably can chop down your hand if not careful.

London designer Christian Bird created a timeless design that makes each knife beautiful to look at while at the same time providing a maximum level of functionality. Handles are designed in order to provide the best grip and to give knives a perfect weight distribution.

The full set contains six knives in total – Slicing Knife (7.5’’; 19cm), 2 x Chef’s Knife (7.5’’; 19cm and 6’’ 15cm), Bread Knife (7.5’’; 19cm), Utility Knife (5’’; 12.5cm), And a Pairing Knife (4’’; 10cm). You can buy the whole set on Kickstarter for just $299 (the retail price is $1100 so buying one on Kickstarter will save you a ton of money), you can have a Chef Knife set for $199, or you can buy just the main Chef Knife for $99.

The project just exploded on Kickstarter. In less than ten days the starting goal of £25,000 was reached, and as of this moment, the Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection managed to gather more than £650,000 from more than 2.500 backers. You still have around 20 days before the project ends, so be fast and get yourself the best knife set available, for a phenomenal price. If you want to check out other kitchen knives for the same quality, also have a look at Furtif Evercut knives.

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$299 USD

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