LAER Is A Laptop Sleeve, A Power Bank, A Wireless Charger, Is Traceable And It Comes With Power Adapters For All Countries


It seems we found the perfect laptop sleeve every laptop owner should have. It is a device with tons of features, robust design, and invaluable usefulness. Meet the LAER, the only notebook sleeve you’ll ever need.

The gadget looks like a classic pouch for your portable computer, but it hides many secrets under its skin. The LAER is filled with handy tools among which its huge external power bank plays the most important role. It is capable of charging almost any convertible up to 100 percent, and when we talk about charging a standard smartphone, the device can fully charge it up to eight times!

With LAER you’ll never have to worry about having the right charging adapter. It comes with a range of adapters enough for most laptop brands, it is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe, it can charge all smartphones, and it supports Qi wireless charging meaning it works with the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X wireless charging feature.

You can charge the LAER without problems, wherever you are. The sleeve is packed with different adapters for different power outlets, making it a universal portable charger for almost any electronic device.

With LAER you’ll never again have to worry is your smartphone, laptop, tablet, camera or any other device, charged. It has plenty of power for all of them, and it looks nice too. The LAER can be yours for $150, but for just $20 more you’ll get the sleeve along with the sling bag with room for your notebook and a smartphone, making you a true technomad.

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$150 USD

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