Lama Scissors Offers a Simpler Version of Scissors By Twisted Metal


The famous designer Alessandro Stabile has recently introduced simple scissors under the trade name Lama Scissors. The designer made the scissors with huge attention to details and minimalist design. It reminds you of old schoolhouse railing, and yet it is suitable for various office tasks.

lama scissors

The folded design of the handles provide the comfortable grip and it does not make your fingers to ache if you cut a lot. The Lama scissors are made by twisting a single metal object from horizontal to vertical. As a result, the metal surface becomes comfortable to hold. The scissors are made of the stainless steel. The model of stainless steel used in the accessory is not known. The final object, therefore, comprises two identical halves, joined by a pin, that — thanks to a simple gesture — match perfectly.

Lama Scissors

You can purchase the Lama Scissors from for $48.



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$48 USD

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