Leaf Thermometer – a Fun Way to Measure a Temperature


Measuring home temperature and humidity levels is definitely nice, because you can always control your heating and cooling systems and provide a comfortable environment. However, we often want to decorate our homes with unique and unusual stuff, and try to be better than others. For example, with leaf thermometer, we can be sure that we have unusual thermometers that add beauty of seasons at our home. The leaf thermometer represents home temperature with color. When it gets too hot, the leaf turns yellow color, when it becomes between 20C to 25C, the leaf turns green color, and when it’s colder it will be changed to brown. Stick it to your wall and you will know immediately, if the temperature levels are just ok at home. There 2 packs available: large, with 5 leaves and small with 8 leaves.

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$14 USD

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