Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight


Leeo Smart Alert looks like ordinary home light, but a bit expensive. However, this light can do a lot, most importantly it can save your home from fire. It your smoke alarm goes off, and you’re far away, Smart Alert will pick up noise and send alert message to your smartphone. Moreover, it can robo-call your emergency department, if you do not take immediate action. The call will play the recorded sound and ask the person to press 1 if they think it’s a smoke (or CO) detector, to press 2 if they think it’s a false alarm, or to press 3 to hear the sound again.  It is fully controlled by your smartphone. It controls temperature and  humidity levels. Once you make false alarm with false noise, the device is smart enough to recognize it, so you won’t be able to reproduce the same false alarm 2 times. This is worthwhile investment if it saves your home from fire, and can do a lot more. However, disadvantages of this device are: unavailability to Anrdoid phones, no battery backup, can produce false alarms at the beginning.

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$99 USD

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