LifeShirt is a Life Jacket Hidden in an Ordinary T-Shirt


LifeShirt is a life jacket designed like your favorite T-Shirt by Aegis brand.

It is a personal flotation device without buoyant foam which makes the life vest big and bulky. Instead, Lifeshirt uses an inflatable bladder for the same purposes. It comes to an action only when needed.

Life Shirt Personal Flotation Device

Currently, the T-shirt design provides a handle on the shoulder that can be yanked to manually inflate the floatation device. However, it will feature automatic recognition sensor which will detect when the wearer has been submerged to the water.

Lifeshirt life vest

The product is still being developed and it will be launched at the end of 2016 once the company passes all safety and standard tests. There will be multiple variations of a t-shirt, different color options and various styles specifically designed for padding, swimming and other kind of activities.

The information about product price is not available yet.

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