The Light Phone is The Most Minimalist Modern Smartphone Alternative


If you really liked the announcement of Nokia 3310, there is one more truly minimalist cell-phone that will still make you connected with people – the Light Phone. Being in the size of the credit card, the accessory can make and receive calls, store up to 9 important contacts and tell the time.

What is fascinating about the Light Phone, is that there are no features that we got so used to. There is no Bluetooth, email, texting no apps and no additional slot for a second sim-cart. But yet, with the slick and minimalist design, you definitely want to hold it in your pocket and call people whenever you need. However, the Light Phone still connects to your existing smartphone with a special app, from which you can forwards call to and from the device. It runs stripped down version of Android.

The Light Phone comes with an unlocked SIM card and operates in 2G GSM network. has an unlocked SIM card, and operates. The batteries last for three days with a full charge.

The Light Phone was first introduced in Kickstarter back in 2015. You can still pre-order the product and it will be shipped at the end of May 2017.

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$150 USD

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