LKW Knives Introduces a New Fixed Blade Tactical Knife – LKW PRIMAL FIGHTER


Polish knife brand Libra Knife Works (LKW Knives) introduced a new tactical knife with a fixed blade structure – LKW Primal Fighter. The new model of knife is designed by the Polish knifemaker Radosław Łęgowik, who is also the founder of the brand.

The knife stands out with its comfortable ergonomic grip and its functions. It has all functions of tactical knives while being as comfortable as pocket knives.

The LKW Primal Fighter has a curved full-tang design with a ring hole available at the end of the handle. The blade of the knife is made of  O-2 carbon tool steel with a hardness of 59-60 HRC. To create a comfortable and practical handle, the molded lining is made of

As for the handle, it is made of molded lining of monochrome G10 material. The designers have used conventional hexagon bolts for fixing the blade and the handle.

The knife comes with a black sheath from thermoplastic Kydex.

We do not know when the official sales will start and what will be the price of an item. On average, the price for LKW Knives ranges from $100 to $150. Right now, you can order the knife from company’s official facebook page.

$100 USD

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