Logitech Reveals Two New Gaming Headphones Models – Logitech G433 and G233


Today, every big hardware manufacturer has their own line of gaming peripherals. From motherboards and RAM modules to mice, keyboards, headphones, and speakers, every single computer peripheral can be found in many models specially designed for gaming. Now, most manufacturers can make a quality product, but when it comes to gaming peripherals my vote goes to Logitech. The Swiss company has always focused on design and quality over the price. Their products are more expensive than competitor models, but they usually offer lots for the money, excluding keyboards and some mice models that are really too expensive. I have a Logitech G11 gaming keyboard and 2.1 speaker system, and they proved to be incredibly durable. The keyboard was bought in 2007 and speakers have found their way to my home in 2008 and they both work today as on the day I bought them. Now, Logitech announced two new pairs of gaming headphones, the Logitech G433 and G233.

Logitech G433
Logitech G233

Gaming headphones usually feature modern design along with solid audio output and excellent microphones in order to always provide the best voice input because gamers can be a demanding bunch when it comes to voice quality. When you play the last round of Rainbow Six: Siege with your friends one misinterpreted word can mean the difference between the victory and defeat so having a solid microphone is of utmost importance.

Both the Logitech G433 and G233 offer removable boom microphone in addition to the company’s famous Pro-G drivers, in order to enable gamers the best sound quality possible. If you decide to get one of the two models you can rest assured that your voice will be clear as possible. Since microphones can be removed, you can both play Overwatch and listen to the music on the go, which is a nice bonus. Both models come with two cables – one for gaming and one for listening to music while on the go.

Logitech G433
Logitech G433

Further, both models similar, urban design, with sharp lines and soft curves. Plastic is the main material used for the chassis, but it is a quality matte plastic that won’t get broken easily and that’s also resistant to smudge marks. While the Logitech G433 features plastic of the same color as earpads and headband, and it’s available in four color choices: Royal Blue, Fire Red, Triple Black, and Camo Blue (Best Buy-Exclusive). On the other hand, the G233 are available just in black and cyan color combination. The fabric used on the Logitech G433 features “hydrophobic, stain-resistant finish” meaning that you can eat and drink whatever you want and not afraid your headphones will earn some stains if and when you spill something.

When it comes to other differences, the G433 offers virtual surround sound (DTS Headphone X 7.1 technology) while the G233 comes with a classic stereo output. The G433 headphones can already be pre-ordered on Logitech’s site, while the G233 will debut very soon. The more expensive G433 can be yours for $99.99, while the G233 come with a slightly lower, $79.99 price tag. Great design, solid build quality, unmatched sound output and voice input along with a reasonable price make the Logitech G433 and G233 one of the best choices when it comes to classic gaming headsets.

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