Magnetic hourglass


You might be thinking that we will talk about very useless waste of money here –  Magnetic Hourglasses. But its not true – they are not completely useless. Magnetic hourglass pours iron particles into the other side, to the magnetic base. It contains a sealed glass bulb, metal chips and wooden base with built-in powerful magnets. As iron particles pour to the other side of the bulb, you can see amazing patterns and figures formed by iron particles. However, disadvantage, or advantage for some people is that, the timer is only 35 seconds instead of 1 minute.The reason for this is that, if it would be longer, glass bulb will need to be bigger and heavier. The good thing is that it is very inexpensive, tough, only $13 in amazon. This useless desktop utility can be a perfect gift for anyone, friends, colleagues and family.

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$15 USD

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