Mark II NATO Green Xeno Jacket Is Made Out Of Leftover RAF And NATO Jackets


Yup, it’s getting colder, and it is a perfect time to start hunting for a new winter jacket. If you’re looking for both form and function, we have an exciting pick for you. The Mark II NATO Green Xeno Jacket from Jago looks good and features superb protection from elements.

The Mark II NATO Green Xeno Jacket looks serious and should be more than enough for winter conditions, except if you live in the North Pole, or deep inside Canadian Tundra. In that case, you should look for something more serious when it comes to protection from the cold.

The jacket is made out of leftover stock jackets from NATO, and RAF meaning you will be wearing the same fabric worn by professional pilots and soldiers, and that’s pretty cool if you ask us.

The canvas used is called Ventile; it is made out of cotton, it is a heavyweight fabric made for extreme cold conditions. The same material was used for making jackets for RAF fighter pilots during WWII and for the jacket Sir Edmund Hilary wore during his historic climb to Mount Everest.

The fabric is waterproof and windproof but breathable at the same time. And it is warm, very warm. Jacket’s interior is 100 percent cotton providing excellent insulation from the cold while allowing the skin to breathe at the same time.

The Mark II NATO Green Xeno Jacket also features extra-durable thread and zips, elasticated storm cuff, taped seams, and large inside pockets. You can get one on the Jago’s webstore for about $520.

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$520 USD

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  1. Kilaya Harris

    While this seems like a cool curiosity, i’m not sure i want to be wearing 1950’s technology when weather gets real. They could have at least lined it with fleece or something (anything) except 100% cotton. I think i’d rather have a jacket lined with Velveeta than cotton…

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