MATRIX PowerWatch Is A Rugged Smartwatch That Runs On Your Body Heat


The world needs more though smartwatches, those capable of taking any blow while at the same time providing us with capabilities like calorie and step count. You know a fitness based smartphone that won’t die the first time it hits against a rock or something similarly tough during adventures in the wild. And the MATRIX Powerwatch is an excellently designed smartwatch that will survive anything.

The watch features a superb industrial design with excellent onyx black and silver color combinations. The PowerWatch just looks serious, attractive, and tough. Its main feature is that it doesn’t need batteries and such to work; it just uses your body heat.

The tech is based on thermoelectrics, in converting heat to electricity. The back if the watch is covered with tiny semiconductors that use your body heat and turn it to electric power. This isn’t the only smartwatch with infinite power on the market, but it is the first one using body heat for power, something that could become the primary source of power for mobile devices in the future.

Aside from the infinite power, the PowerWathc features calorie and step count, and sleep quality sensor. It is resistant to up to 50 meters and can connect with any Android and iOS smartphone. The companion app can show you how much electric power you’ve produced each day, and offer you a view into your fitness habits.

The PowerWatch X is a more powerful version that comes with higher water resistance (up to 200 meters), even tougher body, and a capability to show notification coming to your smartphone. You can pre-order the watch on the manufacturer’s website for $169 (basic edition), $199 (Black Edition) and $249 (PowerWatch X). The watch should start shipping during October 2017.

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$169 USD

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