Meet Elbike – An Electric Bike That Doesn’t Look Like An Electric Bike


If you want to get an electric bike, you have a choice between many different models, but all of them share one common characteristic. They all differ from a classic bike design, many of them featuring an entirely different design that isn’t following a standard design formula. They all pack visible batteries and look like they aren’t made for the road. You can even get a foldable one but still, won’t find one that sports a design of a proper everyday bike you can use both for driving to work and roaming through back roads. The Elbike is trying to change that, offering a bike that doesn’t differ from your everyday bicycle but coming with a powerful electric engine and a long-lasting battery.

On the first look, you probably wouldn’t think that the Elbike comes with an electric engine. It is designed as a classic urban bicycle most of us use when we want to have some fun time or reach our destination while having some exercise at the same time.

That’s mostly because the battery is hidden inside the frame. All other electric bike models have a visible battery that leaves no doubts about whether or not the bicycle can move on its own. The battery is capable of powering the engine for up to 80 kilometers, which is a vast distance. If you travel 10 kilometers on average on your bike each day, that means you will have to charge this one once in every week.

And the engine, placed on the front wheel, is a capable one. With a max speed of 25kmh/20mph and a power of 350 watts, it can drive you to work faster than any car (if we take into account massive traffic congestion during morning rush hours almost every large city experiences on a daily basis). And if something happens to it there’s no need for complex repairs. Just ask for a replacement, and you will receive a whole new front wheel, along with the engine.

There are brake disks on the front and back wheels, and the bike features a single speed transmission. You can choose between three sizes (small, medium, and large) so there’s a right size for everyone. On the steering wheel, you will find a display showing your current speed, distance, and the current power level (there are six power levels to choose from, from a small help to your pedaling to the full 20 miles per hour speed).

Other notable features include leather saddle and grips, a hidden On/Off button, safety battery lock and aluminum body that makes the Elbike pretty light. It weighs in at just 15kb/33lbs, which is excellent considering it is an electric bike. And when you decide to order one, you will probably spend lots of time choosing the frame color since there are more than 200 color choices to choose from.

The Elbike is a simple but powerful electric bike with an excellent range and beautiful design. It can be yours for about $1300, and you can pre-order one on IndieGoGo.

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$1,300 USD

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