Use Microwave To Cook Delicious And Super-Fast Meals With MICO


If you want to gift yourself a nice home-made meal, using a microwave to prepare it probably isn’t on your list of favorites. Microwaves are used to make dull, dry sandwiches and for making popcorn but cooking in it? It’s impossible until you meet MICO microwave cooking set.

MICO cooking set contains three differently shaped pods. You put food inside of it and then just throw it in a microwave. Then, MICO cooking pod uses HeatWave technology to employ microwave energy and use it for traditional cooking.

Each cooking pod can cook food differently. The Toastie is used for sandwiches and snacks. With Toastie your food will be perfectly grilled, and you will finally be able to eat a heavenly sandwich from your microwave. Who would’ve thought?

Then we have the Potato, which is used for simulating oven cooking. Aside from baking potatoes, the pod is perfect for dry-cooking veggies, and instead of making a mess of them your microwave will churn out crispy, and fresh vegetables that actually taste nice.

And the last MICO cooking pod is called Eggs. It is made with just one purpose – to finally give you scrumptious microwave-made eggs. Eggs pod can be used for poached or fried eggs, and it can cook them in minutes.

In fact, with MICO you will save lots of time on cooking. The system is about three times faster than traditional cooking methods, and the bonus is the fact that you can cook lots of different meals in your microwave. You can pre-order MICO cooking set on IndieGoGO for $100, or you can buy any of the three cooking pods for $35 each.

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