Microsoft Word Introduces To-do Feature to Help People Manage Documents


Microsoft is testing a new to do feature in Word today. The new to do feature will allow you to insert a placeholder for your to-do items in your documents. This feature will be available in Word for Mac today. Once tested, it will be rolled out on current Office 365 users.

According to the company, people do not use the comments that are already available in Word. Instead, we put something like <insert something here>>” in a document. The new to do feature will automatically recognize and collect all these instances in the document as to do list. You can then use those to do items individually, or you can even email your colleagues to make changes to the document.


Once you insert the to-do item, the notification will trigger an email to a colleague. The only way to insert the missing piece will then be replying to email. For example, if the colleague asks you to insert a graph to the document, the only way to add that graph automatically will be replying to the email with an image.

Microsoft will be using machine learning model to discover to do notes in documents. Currently, the phrases like <<insert graph here>> will be detected automatically. You will see those places in the sidebar.

This move will make the Microsoft Word easier to collaborate and share. This feature is similar to Google’s approach to Docs. Google lets multiple people to make changes in the documents and to collaboratively tag everyone through the email. Google does not have an automatic to do suggestions, but currently, it is much easier to collaborate in the cloud.

If you want to use the Microsoft Word specifically for to-do lists, like Evernote, it will not work as expected.

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