MiiXR – a Great Gadget That Prepares Your Favorite Shakes


MiiXR is a shaker, mixer and sports bottle – all in one. You can quickly prepare a protein cocktail or a milkshake in a few seconds. It is a portable blender which blends and shakes stuff much faster than your average kitchen device.

The project has already successfully been funded on Kickstarter.

The container uses some advanced technologies for mixing your favorite drinks. Firstly, a motor is built into the bottom of the shaker, allowing quick mixing of the ingredients. Secondly, the built-in battery for the mixer can also be used to recharge the smartphone and other gadgets.

Finally, the MiiXR is made of durable materials that withstand falls and bumps, and its design does not allow a drop of a drink to spill.

You can pre-order the gadget $42 right now. Expected delivery date is July 2017.

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$42 USD

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