Millo Blender is a New Wellness Appliance That Works Quietly


Millo has been founded by Adam Trakšelis – a busy father that had little time to take care of his health and wellness. Actually, he never found it easy. Looks familiar to you? He decided to take a chance to make wellness easier than it is right now. Millo is a new generation blender that is smart, that works quietly and it prepares your favorite shakes from fruits in seconds.

Millo is basically, an aluminum base with spinning magnets to which you can attach a glass cup. It is an upside down blender which shakes your stuff using smart magnetic base. You just need fo fill a  710-ml (24-oz) glass cup with ingredients and place it upside down closing the lid. Once you touch the base with your finger the blender will work spinning with little friction, generating less power and making it less noisy. As a result, you get your cocktail in several seconds.

Once your cocktail is ready, you need to pull the cup off the base, turn it right side up, open the cup and drink your healthiest smoothie ever. All you have to do is rinse the blade removing it from the base.

What is cool about the gadget is that anyone with a Millo cup can prepare their drinks. One base works for several times with several cups.

Besides, Millo is smart enough to be controlled from iOS/Android app. The app has several hundred recipes to make your wellness experience even more tasty and easier. Multiple lids can also wirelessly communicate via NFC with one base. The lid can automatically remember each user’s chosen parameters – blending speed and times. As a result, you get your exact type of favorite cocktail all the time.

Millo is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The bad news is that the item will be shipped only in March 2018.

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