Moasure ONE is the First Smart Measuring Tool That Measures Everything


If you are looking for smart ways to measure stuff around your home, the measuring tape has been the only option for centuries. The increase of new technologies enabled the smartphones to measure the stuff around you in a more advanced way. You can use your own home to create an augmented reality measurement. 3D Technologies, the company behind Moasure ONE has decided that there has to be a better way to measure the stuff and created the universal tape.

This tape uses technology usually used in rocket science for measuring through objects and creating interactive 3D images. Utilizing different accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers, the Moasure ONE can plot its position in three-dimensional space. It works even if there are barriers between two measured objects (for example, your room and neighbors’ room). It can then measure distance, angles, levels, area, and even 3D space and volume.

The best part? Moasure One has a mobile app which you can use together with the tape. The mobile app contains some sensors and the real data about your measurements altogether.

The reason why this concept is interesting lies in the ability to measure the thickness of the walls without even having to destroy the old walls and buildings. In order to measure the wall, just mark the starting point from the tape and go the ending point. The tape will automatically calculate the wall’s thickness.

The Moasure One measuring tape is currently available on Kickstarter. The project has already surpassed its funding goal for four times. However, you can still order this item for an early bird price of $139. The regular retail price for the item will be $250.

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$139 USD

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