Mobvoi is Offering its New Ticwatch Smartwatch Models for as Low as $119


Smartwatch market is begging for affordable models capable of most things premium models are capable of. The market is stalling for a long time, and users want an affordable smartwatch that will offer lots of functions, solid hardware, and attractive design without asking them to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the device. While most big brands are taken the expensive-but-classy route, the Chinese company called Mobvoi is offering two smartwatches equipped with Android Wear 2.0 with a starting price being as low as $119. Meet the new Ticwatch smartwatch series aimed at users who want a capable smart watch but refuse to pay a premium price for it.

When you hear the name Mobvoi, you probably aren’t very interested, but you should be. The Chinese company is backed by giants such as Google and Volkswagen, and it already has a couple of heavy hitters under its belt. For instance, Mobvoi developed Chumenwenwen, a smart voice assistant and search service used in popular chat apps used in China. As you probably know, Google is banned in China, thus making the Chumenwenwen the first choice when it comes to voice assistants on Android Wear smartwatches. But the company wants to spread outside Chinese market, and they choose the Ticwatch product line to be their first offering to the western market.

The two watches – Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S – are successors of Mobvois previous smartwatch called the Ticwatch 2. The gadget was successful in China, but its main flaw was its operating system. The Ticwatch 2 uses Ticwear, a proprietary operating system that doesn’t support the huge number of Android apps. And that was the main reason for Mobvai to choose Android Wear.

Ying Zhou, business director at Mobvoi, stated that “Our international community has helped us in improving Ticwear a lot, but one of the critical value add for them is a stronger ecosystem.” A stronger ecosystem was the main reason to switch to Android Wear, bringing its huge app library to the company’s new smartwatch series.

The two devices feature trendy design and bright color choices. They are made for the young audience who wants to own a modern-looking smartwatch that’s both capable and affordable.

The two watches feature almost the same specs. They are both powered by MediaTek’s MT2601 processor, feature 512 MB of RAM, and the same 300mAh battery. The Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S also come with a 1.4-inch OLED display and 4 Gb of internal storage. Other features include a heart rate monitor, IP67 water-resistance certification, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

The only difference is that you can swap out watch bands only if you buy the Ticwatch E. The Ticwatch S features more accurate GPS that’s implanted into its armband, thus the armband cannot be changed. The two watches are available for pre-order on Kickstarter with the Tichwacht E being offered at $119, and the Ticwatch S sporting the price of $139.

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$119 USD

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