Moment Is An Affordable Drone With 4K Video Recording Capabilities


Everyone has a drone, right? But not everyone has a drone with 4K video recording capabilities. The reason behind this is the fact that most models equipped with high-quality cameras can cost more than $1,000; too high a price for most people who just want to use their drone for capturing everyday videos. If you are a pro and need a quality camera along with superb flight capabilities, you will be ready to pay a four-figure price, but if you are just someone who wants a quality drone for an unbeatable price you should check out the Moment Drone.

The drone is quite small, and it can fit any backpack. It features foldable rotors that can unfold without hustle, giving the Moment Drone high portability. Rotors have a shield made out of plastic to protect them from falls and allowing users to simply grab the drone once they want to put it back in the bag.

The drone can fly up to 15 minutes, and it features solid flight capabilities. It is equipped with precision positioning hovering allowing it to record perfectly still videos, and its visual detection technology is capable of recognizing and then tracking a person. You can just take the drone out, launch it, set it up to follow you, and it will then automatically record your latest adventure.

And when it comes to recording, the Moment Drone is equipped with a 4K camera capable of taking 4K@25fps videos as well as 12MP photos, which is incredible to find in a $200 drone. Yes, the Moment Drone cost just $200 and can be bought on IndieGoGo market.

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$200 USD

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