Motion – a New Series of Backpacks on Kickstarter


German brand Heimplanet, recently posted on Kickstarter service pages of his new project – a series of Motion backpacks. The series present two models, namely 20 Arc-liter and 25-liter the Ellipse. The backpack positions itself as a universal ergonomic backpack for daily use as well as for active sports.

Both models are made entirely of synthetic materials. The basis of backpacks forms rip-stop nylon density of 300 denier, which is inside a waterproof polyurethane processing. The bottom of the completed reinforcing plate of 420-th density nylon material. In addition, the key locations on the outside, including fasteners, made of durable and wear-resistant material Hypalon. The inner lining forms a reinforced polyester material with a density of 200 minutes.

To create a comfortable, ergonomic, backpack the company applied continuously shaped EVA-foam double density, which on the outside is covered with elastic quick-drying nylon material. The suspension system forms two shoulder straps of the same EVA-foam and one adjustable waist strap, which is possible to completely remove or add small pockets when necessary.

Structurally backpacks Arc 20 (50 x 32 x 22 cm, 0.74 kg) Ellipse 25 (57 x 32 x 22 cm, 0.91 kg), in addition to overall size and weight, differ essentially only the structure of the front compressor chamber, and the entrance width main compartment which is placed under the laptop bag or drinking system. On the outside of the Arc has two small side pockets and one front pocket elastic, all three compartments with zipper. With Ellipse outside, instead of three elastic pockets, compression is applied a broad panel of-pocket elastic and quick-drying material.

The successful launch of backpacks Heimplanet Motion in production, the developers need to collect a total of 20 000 euros, has already collected almost 14 000 euros. At the moment, the minimum cost of the pre-order registration of Arc and Ellipse backpacks, excluding delivery is not more than 95 and 105 euros, respectively. Sending orders will begin in the summer of 2017.

$100 USD

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