Motiv Fitness Tracker is Made in Form of a Ring


Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring has decided to revolutionize the wearable activity trackers. The ring represents a small device which tracks all your daily activities, sleep habits and more.

What is striking about the ring is that, it fits a lot of advanced tracking functionalities in a small ring, without the display options. It integrates the heart rate sensor, a tracker of activities and increased battery life. It counts calories, distance and steps. There is no display for notifications and calls. Therefore, the battery life lasts three for five days with a full charge. Besides, the device is waterproof up to 50 meters.

The accessory comes in several color options and in seven size options. There will be be a LED indicator for charging status and syncing notifications. You can preorder the Motiv ring tracker for $200 from company’s website.

$200 USD

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