Mountain Hardware StretchDown Jacket Keeps you Warm in Extreme Cold


Several months ago brand Mountain Hardware has  introduced a new lightweight and compact StretchDown Hooded Jacket. The jacket is designed for hikers and for daily commuters in the city. Manufacturers have made the jacket by using the combination of various new technologies. It adapts to a person while he or she is moving. Also the jacket allows you to stay dry.

A jacket is made  using the mixed plastic Dynamic-Stretch Knit, which has high strength and elasticity, thus eliminates any restrictions under the vigorous movement. To provide the required level of water resistance, the material has been covered with water-repellent finish. StretchDown uses natural down with a density of 750 FP, which is processed by Q.Shield technology. It allows you to move effectively even when completely wet.

The cut of StretchDown Jacket was created taking into account the possibility of using it as a warming layer, prying under layer soft shell or hardshell. The design of the hood comes with a flexible neck, high collar, slightly elongated sleeves with elastic cuffs, central zip closure, adjust the bottom edge of the volume, as well as two pockets for warming hands and one breast pocket for various small things.

Mountain Hardwear StretchDown Jacket today is available in six variants of monochromatic colors. The cost of placing the order, excluding delivery is $ 290.


$290 USD

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