In A Couple Of Years Owning A Movable Fridge Could Become Normal As Owning A Smartphone


In the last couple of years, ever since everything started to get smart from wallets to rings to even notebooks, we have seen many interesting ideas coming to reality. And fridges, like most other appliances, have become smart. Today, you can have a refrigerator with internet connection capable of automatically ordering food and drinks from a grocery store or one that is capable of taking photos. But we still have to walk to the kitchen and get what we want. That’s likely to change in the near future, since Panasonic unveiled an exciting movable fridge prototype capable of following you around, always ready to serve another cold one.

Panasonic’s movable fridge can recognize your voice and will come as soon as you call for it. It features all sorts of sensors enabling him to navigate around furniture, doorways, and pets including a light detector, lidar, and depth sensor.

Instead of visiting the kitchen, which can be infuriating when you want a snack or a cold beverage and the game just became super interesting, you will be able just to say the word, and food and drinks will come to you.

The sad part is the fact that we won’t see a movable fridge in stores for at least five or six years. Until then you can either walk to the kitchen or get Sobro, a smart coffee table with a built-in fridge.

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